The artist as a brief About page

So you wanna get to know me, huh?I'm 29 years old, queer, non-binary, and Autistic. My pronouns are they/them. I live in a very green part of England and have two very cool and very black cats. I love everything to do with nature and am never happier than when deep in a wild wood brushing about in the leaves and flowers. I'm super into folklore, mystery, fairies, and being queer, so these are all usually present in my art in some way.Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lush day!!

Click on the pictures to learn more about the zines I've made!

Existing Autistic was released in 2017 and is an exploration of being Autistic, interacting with the world, and the difficulties this can pose. It includes some information about being Autistic, and some tips and advice, but I mostly wanted it to be affirming and uplifting. The full zine comprises 44 pages.You can find the e-zine here!

I've always been obsessed with wild cats so I decided to put my obsession to good use. Wild Cats was released in 2020 and features nine original illustrations and some (frankly super interesting) info about each cat and the folklore and mythology associated with them. Such as! - did you know that the jaguar used to be worshipped by many Mesoamerican cultures? Or that the Eurasian lynx can supposedly see through solid rock? The full zine comprises 24 pages, but is not currently being sold.

Wild Flowers was my very first zine! I really didn't know much about how to make zines back then but it was a fun learning experience. I actually started out printing each page myself and binding each zine with thread!!I really love both wildflowers and folklore so this zine was an exploration of the combination of the two - plantlore! I picked nine of my favourite wildflowers and wrote a little bit about the folklore and legends associated with each one.You can find the e-zine here!

Wild Flowers 2 was something of an upgrade from Wild Flowers - not only was there colour this time but also a lot more text! I probably added too much but honestly the folklore was too interesting to resist.Another nine fav wildflowers along with their folklore!You can find the e-zine here!

Published in October 2021 by Knight Errant Press, Tamlin is a short graphic novel or a long graphic poem depending on which way you look at it! Either way, it's the result of about four years' work in total. It's an adaptation of a very old folktale from the Scottish Border (and one of my favourite stories of all time), reimagined through a queer lens.Janet takes refuge in the forest and falls asleep, only to be awakened in the starry night by the ethereal presence of Tamlin. As they get to know each other, they fall in love, but Tamlin is not free - not free to love and embrace Janet or leave the fairy realm in which she is trapped. In order for Tamlin to be free of the Fairy Queen's hold and to be held by her loved one, Janet must step forward and break the spell.You can buy Tamlin from the Knight Errant Press shop here!